Modficiation name can not include its version on the page

Published by Nuparu00 on Sun, 11/04/2018 - 12:52
Works as designed
Issue description

I usually tend to add the current version number of my modification to its name. So, for example, I have just updated my 7 Days to Mine mod to 4.0c.
So I would like to add this to the name.
However there is this guideline about adding Minecraft versions to the name - which is good, there is this droplist for this.
But also it seems that there is a script that checks the name for any numbers in formatĀ X.Y - so it detects 4.0c as a Minecraft version, even if such version of Minecraft does not even exist, and prevents me from updating the post.

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Issue comments

This is how it is meant to work. You can use the name for major versions like My Mod 2 and My Mod 3. Minor version changes should be a part of the file download name. Mod name is meant for the mod name, not for the version of the mod.

You can include the ID of the latest version in the description of the mod and in the changelog too.

I can add a new field in the form to enter the mod version that will then be shown as a separate field like Minecraft version if you think that would make sense.

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