Corrupted workspace file bug... For Pylo, it seems I've found something that may help you fix this bug...

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There is something I noticed recently while looking at MCreator... This happened when my workspace file got corrupted again... So, seeing as my workspace got corrupted, I decided to import in my backup workspace file and noticed that my corrupted workspace file was NOT 0 Ko, but it was not the usual 130 Ko file either. Interested, I looked at my file and it seems as if the file was getting erased and I don't know why... Because I opened it, the deleting stopped right in it's tracks and so I got a solid proof of a workspace file getting corrupted...

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The not fully corrupted MCreator file...8 KB 8 KB

Issue comments

Thank you for your info. We have done a lot of work to fix this bug and it should be fixed in 1.8.1 including the observations you made.

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