Few Ideas for MCreator's Updates!

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Issue description

I have a feature request for Ranged Items

1. Make 3 animation for the bow's 3 texture when pulling it

2. As Event Trigger [When Bullet hits Entities], and not only players

2. For Plants

1. Same thing like for Ranged Items, 3 animation for Crop growth textures

2. Make Plant spawn frequency lower for like super rare plant [Or maybe use Structures for that rare plant???]

3. For Armors

1. For armors durability, instead of using 2.0 like diamond or that type of numbers, Use real numbers like tools, We can say like an armor with 2000 Durability

4. For Gui

1. Make a GUI Import System, Also I see that all GUI We create are blank in Textures section???

5. For Recipes

1. Add an Event Trigger [When Item Crafted], I know that already exist for other modded items but for new recipes to Vanilla Items

6. For Fluids

1. IMPORTANT, Referring to Update 1.8.1 Lake fluid system, Added Lakes Frequency spawn rate because there are too much lakes of this fluids on the world!

2. Also make the Lake generation restricted biomes.


I think that's all, Thanks for reading and if you add my features in MCreator, I mostly wish for this fluid frequency spawn and if you don't want to add any of these ideas, That's no problemo, Have a good day Klemen!

Issue comments

1. is in the plan, 5. already exists as far as I know. 4. GUI system has many improvements in the plan. For 6, please open a separate ticket for this as feature lists are not ok for issue tracker.

Make sure to post only one feature request or bug report in each ticket, so each separate item can be tracked by our issue tracking system. Issues with multiple requests will be removed. The tracker is not a place for large lists of feature requests. Such lists belong to Feature requests and ideas for MCreator forum section and we will pick most requested features from there.