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Published by Lockyz on Sun, 11/25/2018 - 22:24
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As MCreator was originally made (I am pretty sure) to help teach people to Code. It would be benificial for the goal to show what code they are actually generating with the program before it is actually added to the mod. Java in itself is hard to learn but seeing exactly what code is required to add things it makes it an easier and better (In a way) than looking up Tutorials online. Most people who use MCreator are regarded in a bad way among the Minecraft Mod Community as we don't actually type out the code ourselves, but that is only as we don't know how to code and having MCreator show what code is being added before it is added would help to show the Minecraft Mod Community that even people who use MCreator or people who don't want to take a Jave class (Which is expensive) Can learn to code and I feel that would also have the advantage of more acceptance within the community as it would be used to learn rather then to get it done without all the work.


Was probably too long in my opinion but I hope this is at least thought about :)

Issue comments

This would be quite resource heavy as the mod generation is made using a complex template engine. And until all fields a are properly filled, the code can't even be generated.

You can make something, open a code editor, change a thing in GUI editor and check the code editor again to see what has changed. The code is formatted and optimized to this shouldn't be hard to

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