.lang file manipulation and translating (the files themselves not the Localization tab)

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Issue description

So I have been fiddling around with coding mods lately (Though I much prefer Mcreator) and I stumbled upon the en_us.lang file and its other files (creating them I mean). I then wondered if I could find this file within the Mcreator folders. and I did. at forge/src/main/resources/assets/testenvironmentmod/lang/en_us.lang I was very excited to find this so I copied the file, reorganized it and then put translations after the equals signs. I renamed this file to es_ve.lang the file for Spanish in Venezuela.

after doing this I checked in-game to see if it works and came to see that it does not. all that I am asking is that support for adding and changing .lang files is added.

I checked both files afterward and it seems that the localization tab overwrites any existing files.

you might be able to support this by adding a button in the localization tab to import .lang files.


Also, some organization of the Localization tab would be nice. maybe sorting by element type or something. right now it is just a jumbled mess.

Issue comments

You can use the search bar to search the localization tab. We will consider adding sort too.

There are some tickets regarding adding importing into the Localization tab too.

Manual editing of .lang is not possible as MCreator generates them based on the Localization tab data. You can edit all the entries there.