Techne: A problem of bodyparts of a mob!

Published by Nouyoule on Sun, 12/09/2018 - 08:19
Works as designed
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Issue description

I have a little problem with Techne. The problem is not create a new mob, because it works very good, but, when i finish the mob and i launch the game, the mob is crazy! Example: I place a "snout" for a pig, in the game, the snout do like float in air! I name it a "Elementary", but, i want to do a animal, no a elementary. Proof to show you in more detail the problem I had. "The "bug" have been captured in the futur mod: Variantia".

Issue comments

Techne does not support grouping of the element so only each part separately can be animated in case of Techne models.

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