Spawn mob naturally if variable =

Published by thebebist on Sun, 12/09/2018 - 11:50
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by adding a box to the mob spawning contitions wich can chek if a variable is a specifik number and if true spawn the mob naturaly in the world, this can be used for random events such as solar eclipses or invations.

the problem with doing this using prosedures is the cordinates, and if the game spawns the mobs instead of a prosedure it will be a bit more acurate.

i made an image of how this could look.

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Issue comments

This is a nice idea but unfortunately one can only register mob spawning at the time of mod initialization and it is not conditional so this can't be implemented that way at the moment, even at the Forge level.

You could achieve this by intercepting mob spawn event but this is out of the scope of MCreator at the moment.

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