Entity management: Check for enchantment & enchantment level procedure

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Issue description

This is not a big priority I would not even label it as normal maybe low, but can you add a procedure to test for if an item is used on entity/block to check for the enchantment and level.
This would be useful for making ore drop more based on what level of fortune the player mines the ore block with.
this would also be useful for looting and other enchantments if players need to check for an item being used for.

IF enchantment level = Unbreaking 3
   DO "Spawn gem"
ELSE IF enchantment level = Unbreaking 3
    DO "Set time = day'
     "strike lighting"

Issue comments

To get the itemstack reference from the player, we would need to restructure our procedure system quite a lot. For now, the best solution is to use custom code to achieve this.

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