I published my mod on MCreator's web page, but it says "Not Found".

Issue description

https://mcreator.net/node/45533 - I was going to check on my MCreator mod, but when I clicked on the link it gave me, I could not see my mod anywhere. I also went to check my account and my modification wasn't there, so I don't know where it could be! If you could reply to my request soon, then I will congratulate you on your hard work. It wasn't even 2 months old :(



Ohome C.E.O.

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Issue comments

It might have been unpublished by one of the moderators due to any possible TOS violation. In such case, we wait for one week for the author to respond and if there is no response, such mods are automatically removed. I am sorry if this happened and I suggest you to remake the mod page.

I checked less than a week later when I was on MCreator in October, and nothing came up. It's strange. I swear my mod was up there for more than 2 weeks! I'll remake the mod page tomorrow, and if that doesn't work either, I will ask if there were any violations. Thanks for your reply.

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