Need Help with Fence creation

Published by AvaMareep on Tue, 01/01/2019 - 03:46
Issue description

Just got started in MCreator and im loving it! Ive made a couple simple recipes and blocks. Im going to be making trees and biomes and the wood products like fences.  But I've spent the last few hours searching for how to make fences through CReator and have come to the conclusion it invokes the json files, blockstates and custom blocks? Can someone break it down for me or link me to a comprehensive guide? Thanks, and Happy New Year ^-^

Issue comments

Actual fences that connect with each other like vanilla fences are close to impossible to make right now. You might want to search on the YouTube if there are any tutorials.

Future updates should make this possible. I think it could be possible to this now too, but it would be very complex and messy.