Specific Enchantment Books and some procedure blocks

Published by Goldorion on Fri, 01/04/2019 - 16:22
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I would like to create a mod, and I would like to give enchanting books, when a player clicks a button, but I can not, because I only have one item with the enchanted book name. I would like to give specific enchanted books, such as fire protection 4, aquatic affinity, etc. DOnc can you add the ability to choose a specific enchanted book, adding a category, in the menu where there are all the enchanted books with all levels of the book please. Can you take this opportunity to put the ability to open and close overlays and GUIs, as well as detect if a GUI is open (same for overlays) with procedure blocks please.

I thank you in advance if you add all this, although I know I should create a new number for my second application, but I have to wait at least a day and I could not do it for a few days.



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Issue comments

Feature request lists as single tickets are not allowed.

You can open and close overlay using conditions and global variables already.

We will add close GUI procedure block in next updates.

Regarding enchantment books, this is postponed and will be added in later versions.

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