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Published by dansamy on Sun, 01/06/2019 - 11:53
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Issue description

I think that would be OP to make a check box in the mobs element that says "is this mob controlable?", if you check yes, you can use another check boxes as "can jump? (example: horse)", "controled in water? (example: boat)", "its needed an item? (Example: pigs and carrot fishing rod)", "need blocks to work? (Example: minecart and rails)", and more if you can think more.

Thanks for see.

Issue comments

Right now you can make ridable mobs. We will consider adding more advanced means of control in future updates, most likely in 2.x.x branch. We might make this possible with procedures too.

I suggest you to add possibility to easy set entities as vehicles(instead living mobs) like as:
- boat, that swim on water.
- minecart, that ride on rails
- hmm... maybe as hovercraft, that can ride on land as well as on water?

There can be some procedures blocks that let to control those vehicles, as move forward/backward, etc.

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