Need help creating procedures to create a simulated metal halide lamp in minecraft

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I Need help figuring out what to do for creating the procedures to create a probe start metal halide lamp in minecraft. 

i will outline what has to be done and how i plan to make it

- i plan to make it a custom model that is in the shape of a half slab with custom textures etc.

- the model will have several texture variants (like 10 or more) since a metal halide lamp starts out very dim when first turned on and gets very bright over 5 minutes or so.

- redstone will power it like a redstone lamp.

- some procedure will need to change the blocks texture several times over about 5 real life minutes to simulate the light getting brighter when first turned on

- a procedure will need to change the amount of light that comes from the custom block in minecraft as the light gets brighter.

- some procedure will need to be used to test if the light is turned off when it is first turned on and not at full brightness to make it come on at the same level of light it was at when turned on the first time.

- some procedure will be needed that will test if the light is near or at full brightness and if it is turned off or turned off to start a countdown no matter what and if the light is receiving a redstone signal to turn the light back on to a low brightness level after that timer reaches zero or near zero which should be equal to about 10 - 15 real life minutes.

- every one of the procedures that make the light come on and restrike will have some variance to them so some lights will reach full brightness and restrike faster than others if turned on or turned off at full brightness and back on again.

here is a video showing metal halide lights starting up -

Issue comments

I suggest you to open a forum topic in advanced modding forum section instead, as this is a very complex request. You will have to figure this one on your own by learning procedure system as this is too specific question to help you here.

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