Crafting table procedure blocks

Published by Goldorion on Thu, 01/24/2019 - 19:38
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Issue description



I would like that you add the possibily to create a custom craft block like Crafting Table, Stone Cutter (1.14), furnace, etc.


I write how we can create a block with custom crafts.

1- Create a block

2- Create a GUI, with at least 2 inout case and 1 output case.

3- Create a procedure, so that when you put two items in the input boxes, and then you press the button, you get an item / block. (The item / block is just put in the output box.) (The procedure is procedure that you put in you tutorial for MCreator 1.7.9, and the procedure is very big when you have some crafts, so imagine when you have a lot of custom crafts like Crafting Table.)

4- Create a buton

5- Link the peocedure with the buton.


So, can you add an option for create custom crafts in a block, with a custom GUI ?

Issue comments

As this feature was requested a lot of times, I will consider adding some kind of procedure builder for more complex crafting GUIs. But as this is a quite complex feature, it will most likely wait for MCreator 2.x.x.

I think it would be better to add Procedure templates for custom craftings

also other mores ones if possible :)

There will be new crafting oriented procedure templates in 1.8.2 which will ease the process of this.