Structures in biomes in a custom dimension don't generate

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This bug is with me a little longer.  Normally, if you add structures to nbt and set that it is only generated on certain biomes, it should only generate there.  The Overworld as well as in the Nether it works great.  However, in custom dimensions where you add the self-created biomes, no extra structures are added to the biome.



I have built 5 different types of trees, which I now want to add to one of the biomes in the custom dimension.  One of the trees I add to the tree generator (first page).  The others I do extra and whites only the biome.  These other 4 trees do not spawn in this biome.  They are not here.  The tree that is there flies from time to time, probably because the structures box is enough to find the spawn block


I hope it is good to understand. It is kinda hard to explain (if workpace needed, ask me)

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