Can you please add this list of things?

Published by FAKE1007 on Mon, 02/04/2019 - 05:49
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Music disc item,

Book item - Supports raw JSON,

Embedded Raw MCJSON Generator - For tellraw,

More wide ItemStack use(NBT) - For some "better enchantment table",

Multi-Effect Food/Drinks - That's quicker than doing a procedure,

Quick Procedures(Like I suggested) - That's quicker than exiting from item editor and losing everything,

Redstone-like Communications - For some generators, etc.(As I know, you already are going to add FE)

Now for methods:

----Entity/World Management:

-Distance to highest block below given entity - I will use it for my boss.

-True eyes height(y+1.6) - Can be useful for ^ ^ ^ coordinates(if 1.13), otherwise I don't know tbh.

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