Minecraft freezes

Published by thebebist on Wed, 02/06/2019 - 15:38
Works as designed
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Issue description

when i try to open the gui on two of my machines the minecraft test client freazes, the machines are the power infuser and the crusher.

i tried to export and import the .mcr file but it did not work.

also there is some texture problem whit the tree farms gui.

Issue comments

The issue is that you are accessing the slot with ID 1, but the inventory size of the powerinfuser, for example, is 1. The index of slot ID starts with 0, so ID 1 is the second slot, so the minimal size of inventory is 2.

To fix this for powerinfuser, set the inventory size to at least 2 or change the slot id to 0.

A similar fix should be for other machines.