MCreator unknow blocks and items with double id (ex : 35:8)

Published by Goldorion on Mon, 02/18/2019 - 16:38
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Issue description

I know that I have already put this bug, but it is still in MCreator.

I don't know if you are already fix this bug, but bug is still here or again back.


So, the bug is only that we can not use element with id like wool, because I do not know why, but MCreator ignores when the block has an identifier after the two points of id like wool. The wools have the identifier 35 and orange, red, blue, green, black an identifier like 35: (0 (white), 2,3,4,5, etc. up to 16), but MCreator reads only the number before two points, so the white wool, because it just has a name that is 35. So, when I want to make a hammer in my mod, I can not tell MCreator that my hammer can not break the wool of colors, because the colored wool always has a double id, which is the number after the colon. I have tried with carpets, vegetative blocks, and each of the blocks that have id like wool, and I always have the same result.

I give you my Worskpace so that you can see that I have this bug.


Hoping that you will solve this bug this time.


Issue comments

Your condition is unnecessarily complicated. Why do you check if not all these blocks instead of just whitelisting the blocks that your hammer breaks?

If you are excluding like this, you could just exclude all wool types with one block.

Regarding IDs, I have made a simple procedure that checked if the block is red wool (ID 15, two digits) and the procedure worked for me as it should so I think this has something to do with your procedure structure. I suggest one of the simplifications I wrote above. 

A related issue for items:

I check each of block, because I cannot check for all wool block, for example. When ai choose wool (block with all colors), I don't why, but MCreator has the same bug.

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