Add tools to create custom weather

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Issue description

In a future version, add tools to create custom weather

here is a list of what these tools should be able to do

- choose if custom particles will fall from sky and set texture for custom particles if they will fall from sky. 
- set the amount of particles / Precip that falls from the sky (not the length of the weather)
- set the length the custom weather lasts for on average when triggered
- choose how dark sky gets or if sun and moon dissapear etc
- define triggering mechanisms
- a way to choose the amount of lightning that can happen
- choose what biomes custom weather can happen in
- add tools to procedures that can trigger custom weather when conditions are met

Potentially base this off the weather2 Mod if minecraft and forge don't have the built in stuff required to create this.

Issue comments

Right now we don't plan to add any functionalities that need extensive rewriting of existing Minecraft dynamics because this does not fit with our code generator, is out of realistic sope at the moment and can cause even larger incompatibilities with other mods as there are no uniform registries for such implementations, unfortunately.

Some of the requests you wrote here are in plan for custom dimensions, however.

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