Allow changing the path to .minecraft

Published by Hidan on Tue, 07/23/2019 - 23:27
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Issue description

Will it be possible to add an option that will allow us to change the path to .minecraft?
Reason for that is if you have 2 drives "One where you have MCreator and Minecraft Installed and One only for windows which is usually C://"
than MCreator will gonna look for Minecraft folder in C:// Drive by default However you can force Minecraft Launcher to look for a different location for .minecraft but not in MCreator which forces you to have .minecraft on your C:// drive which is a bit pointless since you have it on the different drive.

Issue comments

MCreator does not care about .minecraft location as it does not use it. MCreator uses own Minecraft instance that is specific per workspace and is located in <workspace folder>/run.

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