Bugged mod elements after importing

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Issue description

So i have imported a mod from a .mcr file.

But there were a lot of bugged mod elements, so i pressed the regenerate button but it didn't help.

(no the elements do not have a locked code)

This is what it says:

       elements.add(new MCreatorStonespikesgen(this));

I hope there is a solution for this.

Issue comments

Please attach the workspace, either MCR you imported or the ZIP from 1.9.0 or both if possible.

It seems that you have deleted procedures that were still in use. To fix this, open all mod elements with error. By doing this, MCreator will remove broken procedure reference you made by deleting some of the procedures. You need to do this for all broken elements. Then remake the procedures you deleted.

To help you find all problematic elements, type f:err in search bar to show all mod elements with errors.

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