Mob Right-Click Trigger and Events

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Issue description

This idea is for 2.0 its not a priority but I figure it could be a thing so we can make things like armor stands and equip items to mobs and stuff.

So under a right-click trigger for a mob, it would be nice to have the option to equip items and armor to any entity like an armor stand.

We would need to target the entity cube model or group then have it place it on the entity. I think that even if it was just added for a player entity model it should still work for a custom armor stand as long as the model has arms, legs, chest, and feet as well as a head area.

Other people may have more ideas on how to expand or make this a better idea and I encourage people to comment below and share your thoughts.

Issue comments

One can already equip the mobs and in the future entity, inventory procedures will allow doing this with procedures too.

Rendering items on the entity properly is the task of the model and is for now out of the scope of MCreator I would say. But for default biped entity model, we are working to fix this (so the items and armor render properly), similar will probably done be for other mob models that support this:

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