Random Number Range

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Issue description

There should be a way to set the range for the built-in random number generator.  0-1 is too limited and difficult to work with, even with the multiplying trick.

There doesn't seem to be an easy way to lets say get a number between 0.8 and 1.2. If there is one then let me know, but something like multiplying 0-1 by 5 and then outputting 0.8 if 0-0.99, 0.9 if 1-1.99, 1.0 if 2-2.99, 1.1 if 3-3.99, 1.2 if 4-5 would be an annoying process, and it would only give five fixed states with no option for 0.# values, also it is so much more work than it needs to be and rather impractical if you need to use a large range like 150-800.

So please, please please please, add a way to just write in a range for the random number generator.  Also if you are feeling extra kind, a way of setting the furthest decimal that is generated would be amazing, so if we want whole numbers or numbers only going to the second decimal point, we can easily without any hack'n'slash needed.

Issue comments

Multiplying by a number is a standard way of doing this with any programming language and we wanted to emulate this. You can make range from 150 to 800 in a very easy way:

150 + (800 - 150) * RANDOM

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