Mob spawning only if Global Variable ... is at ...

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Issue description

Hey! It's just a small suggestion. For example, there would be a global variable named " theBossisDefeated " added by some player. Let's imagine this player updates this variable to 1 for whenever the boss is killed using a procedure, well I had the idea of adding a spawn parameter to mob in which it would let the mob spawn only if this " theBossisDefeated " variable is at ... value

For example

<<tick>> Spawn only if <<Global Variable List>> is at <<number case>>


That's it ^^

Issue comments

You can already do this. Use on mob initial spawn trigger and check for your variable. If the variable does not have proper value, call despawn entity to prevent it from spawning.

In later updates, we will add new condition mod element that will make this even easier.

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