In some computers Mcreator don't work at all

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¡Hi! i'm have got a big problem, when i create any mod feathure make that appears a window telling me this (i leave a screenshot). Any option than i chosse don't give me a solution, becose the window appears again.

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Issue comments

If you clicked the regenerate button and the error persists, copy the contents of the Console tab in MCreator and paste them here.

Workspaces can get corrupted if they are being written to while the computer crashes or MCreator is unexpectedly closed (the latter is what most likely happened).

To restore your workspace, go to <workspace folder>/.mcreator/workspaceBackups/. In this folder, backups of the workspace file are stored. Pick a backup from a date before the crash and replace your <workspace folder>/<modid>.mcreator file with one of the backups. Make sure to rename the backup to the same name as the original workspace file.

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