Filler Block Generation Options

Published by StellaeLux on Mon, 10/07/2019 - 22:32
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Minecraft has biomes like the Mesa biome in which the secondary filler blocks have a special type of generation allowing for different layers of stone. In the Inbetweenlands mod, the main filler block is also divided into 2 parts, where at a certain depth the block becomes a different type of block.

Rapid map generation of this type is extremely powerful. Unsurprisingly, the On Block Added procedure is skipped entirely for blocks spawned through this method. No other methods, like through structures, ore spawning, or spreading blocks provide such strong macro scale generation without risking to crash the world.

Is it possible to add a feature that allows us to better work with macro scale map generation (filler blocks), like creating exceptions, where blocks at height x to x are set to another block, allowing for Mesa like generation, or having the ability to set 3 (for example) different filler blocks with their own spawning frequency, that will thus all spawn without On Block Added and before any caves, ores etc have been generated?

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