Wood/Log block base so we can do stripped logs + saplings

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Issue description

So I wantede to make a new wood type but I can't make the stripped varients so I would like there to be a wood type and also when wood type selected it should allow is to put the stripped log textures.Also for the saplings when I tried to grow it into a tree the structure was ofset by 2 blocks and no matter what I tried I couldn't fix it.

So anyways I won't be making any new wood types for a while until there are these features.

Or you could just make anew element called tree/new wood where everything is done when making a new wood type


I also know thre are a lot of others saying this for a while but it still hasn't come so I wanted to make this.I love the updates you guys make

Issue comments

You can use procedures and another block for a stripped log, which is also a new block type and can't be based from log.

For trees, use structure offset to move them down or use offset procedure that can be found on this website.

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