Bug, or just bad coding with item cooldowns?

Published by Nanocry on Mon, 03/16/2020 - 14:36
Issue description

Basically i have this item that can cast 'spells', and i do so like this:


But the thing is, i want to be able to add an item cooldown so that you cant spam said spell:


but for some reason, when i add this ONE block, its breaks it and wont cast the spells. Whenever i right click, this is the console output:


m32m23:00.03 [Server thread/INFO] [STDERR/]:


 Failed to load dependency itemstack for procedure MCreatorSMCastLightning!



1. Im really bad with error handling and i just messed something up

2. or its an actual bug, and I'm reporting it because i have no other way to find out. Someone in an unofficial help discord even told me to report it, so here i am

Im either hoping to have this issue solved in 2020.2, or just some feedback, thanks!


Issue comments

Make sure the procedure trigger you use to trigger SMCastLightning actually provides itemstack dependency.

Keep in mind that vanilla cooldown procedure only works with certain item triggers and thats it, for more advanced cases you will need NBT tags and custom tick counter to make delays.

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