Can't open custom elements in MCreator EAP 2020.2.11618

Works as designed
Issue description

So I decided to test the new MCreator EAP and see what was new. I decided to open a custom element I made in 2020.1 version but I just can't!
I tried to right click on it, to select it and to click on modify element, and to select edit code of selected element, but nothing works!

Issue comments

  • All mod elements with locked code (including main mod files) will have to be redone due to massive change in the project structure

I suggest you save your custom codes somewhere or copy your workspace, update to 2020.2 and then open old workspace in 2020.1 and copy source to newly created custom code elements.

Keep in mind you might have to do this again in 2020.2, you are using snapshot after all.

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