Suggestions for Multitools

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Issue description

While I get multitools in MCreator are meant to be an amalgamation of all tools, and special tools are meant for specific blocks, I feel like it'd be best to turn multitools into something more specific. Maybe you could set what specific tools/weapons it's a combination of? I was trying to make a fusion of a pickaxe and an axe, which is normally a really simple addition, right? But I'm having to add every block mineable by both pickaxes and axes, which is really frustrating if you have low patience. I don't mind if this is put off for later, but if there's no solution as of yet, it'd be nice if the multitool option could be simplified into a series of checkboxes or a dropdown menu.

Issue comments

I am not entirely sure how widely this would be possible to implement in the way you suggested, but I will keep this open until I get time to do some research on this topic.

I don't really care how it's implemented, as long as it's simplified and made more accessible. Thanks for responding so quickly!

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