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Published by javezezap on Sat, 03/21/2020 - 20:22
Issue description

Let Me Explain:

I want to make a block that, when you place it, depending on it's y rotation, a "wall" should be placed, but the blocks should place at block "right", "left" and "up".


If this is actually possible, please explain me how!

I tried checking the player rotation, but there is no "Range.between(Number, Number)" equivalent block! I tried with coding, but nothing happens. :(


Here I Attached a image on what I did for placing the "wall", but not depending on the block's rotation, or player's  rotation.

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This is what I Tried.129.01 KB 129.01 KB

Issue comments

Use get player direction, but not in degrees but in directions of the sky and use this.

This topic has been well covered on the forums too.

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