Fishing Rods Connectable Blocks And Animated Bows For the devs

Issue description

In this example workspace ive made what you see in the title 

ive also put notes in the code make sure to check there

all of this was done with mcreator code in mind (i.e. mcreator still can see the stuff without needing for me to add an extendspreinit to add stuff manually)

if you have any problems with the workspace let me know on this issue

and finally if you have any questions do the same thing



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Issue comments

Thank you for the code examples, I will keep a note on them ;)

I have a few suggestions, though, to keep these ideas more in the spirit of this tracker:

  • Post the code changes as a code snipped in the ticket as this makes snippets compatible with all versions, your workspace will not work with 2020.2 due to many changes that are required in the custom code to fit with new code format we use from 2020.2 on
  • Post one suggestion per ticket so I can close these separately when processed
  • For the ranged item animation and power for example, you can post the code snippets here:

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