Feature request for the next update 2020.3

Published by Nosferatu8 on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 17:23
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Issue description

Hello everyone. I'm just writing a list of actual requests for 2020.3 and if you like it please give it an upvote. 

-Entity AI improvements
I'm just wondering about why there is a lack of entity AI procedures. There should be more and even there should be a "When player is hit by entity" this one could be used when an entity hit a player it could call for some procedures for example a spider can poison the player.
There should be more entity AI tasks 
I think we're lack of AI tasks for entities. There should be tasks like:
-harvest crops/plants and a "plant back" checkbox
-Jump around with speed factor x

-New mod element: Shields

-GUI improvements

Actually i'm just wondering that how can we make a shop GUI by having output slots whats keeping the shop items. 
I've made one but can't dependent the spawning items on the slots to make them unremovable. My problem is that i can remove the items from the outpot slot with no conditions to remove it!

Is there any chance to add a new function or something to procedures or to the GUI creator like "unvermovable components in slot"  

My GUI Shop

1 slot gui shop

The items in the slot are respawning the price is just for design. 
(Related forum: https://mcreator.net/forum/58224/gui-slots-more-dependenciesgui-shop-slots)


Issue comments

Nice write up and suggestions, some planned, some were attempted but failed (search a bit). But lists like this are not allowed on the tracker so this is rule violation:

Make sure to post only one feature request or bug report in each ticket, so each separate item can be tracked by our issue tracking system. Issues with multiple requests will be removed. The tracker is not a place for large lists of feature requests. Such lists belong to Feature requests and ideas for MCreator forum section and we will pick the most requested features from there. For questions related to the usage of MCreator, open a forum topic instead. This tracker is not a place for programming support neither.

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