Mod element error

Published by kLOMiuNS on Fri, 03/27/2020 - 18:17
Issue description

i imported my 2020.1 workspace and its says that 10 mod elements are causing errors. The problem is, it doesnt say wich elements are causing errors. Any solution? I can't run the test enviroment due to this. (I jsut realized that 2020.3 has released)

Issue comments

When possible, attach your MCreator workspace (or even better a minimal example workspace required to reproduce the bug), game crash logs (full logs, do not crop them, in text format, not screenshots of logs) from the Console tab or terminal and steps to reproduce the bug in your workspace. Please specify which mod elements to check in your workspace too, if applicable.

2020.3 was not released and will not be for some time, where did you see this?

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