Music disc isn't working

Published by TheAMan42 on Mon, 03/30/2020 - 16:51
Issue description

I tried importing my own .ogg sound for a music disc. It worked fine setting it up, but when I played it, it wasn't playing at all. Could this be patched in the next update? I really want to have my mod have some custom music discs that everyone can hear.


EDIT: please check the element called "Music Disc", and has the description, "Mikel - Oath to Order". Also check the sound called "oath_to_order.ogg".


the way to reproduce is to make a music disc, name it, use any sprite, use the sound file i imported, then save it. then run the forge and place it in a jukebox. there will most likely be no sound playing.

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Alright. I attached the log and the workspace. Please check the original post, as it also has the steps on how to reproduce the bug.

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