Overlay Render Priority is Inverse

Works as designed
Issue description

This issue is unlikely to be platform dependent, and also can be fixed with a little experimenting.

I found that when render priority is set to highest it will be covered by "lower" priority renders

When something is set to lowest render priority it will cover up "higher" priority renders


Due to how this is my first bug report and was pretty simple to reproduce I attached a simplified workspace with some "bubbles" at the center of the screen

The grey bubbles are set to lowest priority and the blue ones are set to the highest

I originally did this in 1.12.2 but I guess it happens in 1.14.4 as well

Hope this helps.

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The blues are "high" and the greys are "low"19.01 KB 19.01 KB

Issue comments

This is how rendering priority is defined in Minecraft Forge render events. Higher priority means it will render sooner, thus lower on the screen.

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