I'm stressed, my upgrade is bugged

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When I open the mcreator to create my mods, every time when open a sign saying that my mcreator its old and I have to upgrade, qhen i open the page its written that "version 2020.2  is now avaible" but its strange, beacuse im remenber is my version, when I finish the upgrade i open agin and start the same mensage. And, when i open this site to report this error i see a article saying that "errors in version 2020.3, so why my mcreator is briging me to old version?

Note: If you dont understand me it's beacuse english its not may language, im from Brasil

Issue comments

"errors in version 2020.3,

Where do you see this? Check the download page, 2020.2 is the latest. Also from https://mcreator.net/changelog:

MCreator 2020.3 (future release)

Future release does not sound like something from the past




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