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So, Here is a list of things that my mod needs and for that Mcreator needs these.

1: Event Creator: In my new mod, there is a chance every night that the moon will be a blue moon (1 in 25 chance). During the Blue moon new mobs spawn such as lunar zombies and Moonrock Golems. We should be able to create events. There may be a way with variables, but the blue moon actually adds a hint of blue to the game. So, We need an event creator.

2: Mob Attacks: In my mod there is a boss called Dominator, Terra Tank. It is a huge tank that fires explosive projectiles. There is also Blastoiser; a giant probe that shoots a laser beam out of a hole in its front. We should be able to add more attacks in the AI builder.

3: Boss Music: My Bosses have music that plays while they are alive and stop when they are dead. A bit like the bosses in Advent Of Ascension. We should be able to select a sound that constantly loops when it is alive.

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