Action Bars Stay Or Disappear After _ Seconds.

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Issue description

Hey, I am making a mod were I have action bars that need to stay and update. But they disappear quickly, making this mod not work. I am trying to make some action bars activate with a command that appear forever until another command is ran and the action bars should update as I use entity placeholders.

Issue comments

Thats not the same as what my mod does. My mod is a action bar info display like Health: 20.0 in your action bar and just stuff like that. You can change the color with color codes and other stuff. 

There is no way to make that stay in the action bar because it is not designed that way.

You would need to use overlay for this.

I guess that means all of my mod is useless and it'll have to be scrapped. This mod was called info+. You would do /info+ type health and it would show you your health forever unless /info+ toggle was disabled. You could change the color by doing something like this /info+ color &3. 

You can do all this using overlays and conditions.

Even colors if you would define multiple overlays for different colors, but if you ignore the colors you can do this quite easily.

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