Procedures Don't Actually Place Blocks

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I have recently found a strange bug with procedures. I am making a magma block that can be cooled by surrounding it with a custom liquid. I used [if black at (x-1 x+1 z-1 z+1 y+1) are all equal to the Custom Liquid (basically surrounding all of it except for the bottom) then it will spawn smoke particles, play the lava_extinguish sound and place a Cooled Magma block where the magma was. I called this procedure on the Client Display Random Tick event on the magma (not cooled magma). No particles were spawned and no sound was played, but the block changed textures. I went into survival mode and broke the cooled magma, and it dropped normal magma. I have also had a similar issue in previous MCreator versions, but am only bringing it up now.

Please inform me of any mistakes I may be making, or if this is a real bug.


P.S I am also having a similar issue with my bookcases, but this one involves GUI.

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"Client Display Random Tick"

Client Display Random Tick

Blocks can't be placed from client-side, client-side is for effects only. Clientside triggers can be used with sounds and particles only.

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