Mods Deleted when Export to .zip

Published by MrCreeps on Wed, 05/20/2020 - 18:49
Can not reproduce
Issue description

I don't know if this is the right place to submit this but whenever I tried to export my mod to a sharable .zip and reopened MCreator, all my mods were not there besides the one which I exported but it said "This mod does not have saved instance. If you want to make it editable, you need to remake it." I don't know why this happens but all my progress was deleted. I checked in my computers trash bin and there was no workspaces or files. I don't know if they were deleted or they are just not in the MCreator app. Thanks

Issue comments

Could you zip this folder or provide any logs when this happened? This is very strange.

Do you have any AV installed that could interfere with MCreator?

I was able to fix it. All I had to do was re open them using the "reopen workspace" button on the MCreator App's home page. I don't know why the workspaces didn't appear on the app but I was able to fix it.

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