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Published by Seyden on Thu, 05/21/2020 - 12:54
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Hello !

I asked a few months ago to keep the "_" in the registry name of the blocks we create (ID). But in the latest release 2020.3, when we create or duplicate an element and we put _ in the name, it removes it completely from the mcreator element name, AND from the minecraft registry name (or ID). It's really annoying I need this feature, because when for example we want to give ourself a block from our mod, for example an oak chair, the registry name will be modname:oakchair, and not modname:oak_chair. it's much more readable to have those _. I heard it's a problem for Mcreator to have those _, but why not set the oakchair name for mcreator in the list, but keep the registry name with the _ (oak_chair) for Minecraft? Please add this, it's really ugly to have "oakchair", imagine with much longer names.

Issue comments

Just want to say, the little text under the name we give to an element lies, because when I enter oak_chair, it says me "Registry name: oak_chair" but when I want to change the ID with the button, it's called oakchair

Java should not have _ in names, this is against conventions.

Use CamelCaseNaming and MCreator will convert this to snake_case_naming in case of registry models to conform to the conventions.

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