Mcreator crashed and after using a backup made my project try to compile mod elements that aren't there.

Issue description

Basically Mcreator v2020.1 crashed (my WiFi is so slow that I don't bother updating on this wifi) and when I went to open it up, it said that my work was corrupted, but I could choose a backup, so I naturally went with the first one (from the top of the list, that is). it just popped up the message again, and I tried the first one about 5 more times before going to the second option, which worked. However, when I went to run the mod, it said that there was a problem compiling and looked like a list of problems, or what would be the problem, because it doesn't state any problems at all. when I go into console, it spams this at me. 

C:\Users\teren\MCreatorWorkspaces\help\src\main\java\net\mcreator\theundersidemod\ error: illegal character: '\u0000' 

it says this 100 times, so idk what to do anymore.

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