Portal to custom dimension not working properly

Published by XTwisteTD on Sun, 05/31/2020 - 22:38
Issue description

I found another post with the same problem i have :https://mcreator.net/tracker/issue/44985 here it says its fixed in 2018.


However i think it may have surfaced again.

I made an custom dimension with the end generator. when i go through the portal in (either creative or survival) im not spawned on the other side in the portal, i spawn near the portal in a radius of a 15 blocks or so. sometimes i spawn not even with blocks under me and immediatly fall to the void.

i cant find anything in my dimension settings that can prefent this from happening. any idea if this is the same bug as 2 years ago?

Issue comments

There were tickets for this in 1.15.2 reported too, but I was not able to find a fix for this yet.

This only happens on the first entrance and then it is properly detected.

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