Add Procedure Blocks for non-procedure mod elements.

Published by cru8 on Thu, 06/04/2020 - 19:57
Issue description

In the Mcreator mod element menu, there are multiple checkboxes that can be set to either true or false, as well as number boxes. My idea would be to make a procedure block for each of these options so that it can be changed during certain conditions. This can be useful if the player wants the block to only have gravity during rain, or maybe make it unbreakable if a mob is standing on it. Some features like block particles already have the ability to change if there if the block has a certain variable, and think something similar should be done for the other options.

Issue comments

This is planned in this ticket:

Keep in mind many parameters can not be controlled like this so this will be limited to only some functionalities.

More on this is covered by block states for block specific properties, for example, there is a ticket for this too ;)

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