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Published by Alepana_HD on Fri, 06/05/2020 - 12:47
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Hello Mcreator Team!

I recently buyed a new laptop and i want to export the workspace to the new laptop but i don't know how

i already tryed to share the Workspace (when i did that i had a .zip file of the workspace) then i moved the workspace to the new laptop.

now i am trying to access to the Workspace but it does not work, what is the Problem? (when i try to open the workspace MCreator closes and i can't open it anymore until i restart my laptop) and it says to me where i want to save the workspace and so i did a folder on my Desktop for the Workspace (i already did try to reinstall it but then it says there is a problem(more in Screenshots(And sorry the buttons are in German(Abbrechen=Cancel, Wiederholen=Try again, Ignorieren=Ignore))))

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this is the problem when i try to reinstall it33.75 KB 33.75 KB

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Reboot the computer, uninstall MCreator, reboot computer and install it again.

To transfer workspaces, you can simply copy the workspace folder from one PC to another.

ok i tried to open the workspace from my old laptop on the version 2020.3 (last time i opened the workspace was in version 2020.2) and something failed (look screenshot) and now i can't copy the workspace (i have a question: can i download the mod and then open it somehow in MCreator and then i have the workspace?) (hopefully i don't need to programm the hole mod again) this is what happened  


Ps: if image does not work here is a link: 

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