Bug with Downloading MCreator

Issue description

When I decided to update my MCreator from 2020.3 Snapshot to the last snaphot, it said it won't download because it was a virus or something I don't remember exactly the message but I will attach an image, I tried to download 2020.3.exe for 64-bit, my computer is HP Compaq Elite 8300 Windows 10


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Issue comments

Check https://mcreator.net/install/windows

When the download is complete, click on the installer download icon to open it. You might get a warning like this:

Windows warning

This is because MCreator's installer is not signed. Click on More info. The window will show a new Run anyway button. If you downloaded MCreator from the official website (mcreator.net) you are safe to click Run anyway and install MCreator on your computer.

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