Mobs not spawning in custom dimension

Published by LasseVKP on Tue, 06/09/2020 - 14:36
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My custom mobs aren't spawning in my custom dimension. I have looked at many bug reports about mob spawning but couldn't find anything helpful. There is custom grass and there is light. They're all creature type and they have around 45 spawn weight. I dont know why they wont spawn.

Please help me!

Issue comments

When possible, attach your MCreator workspace (or even better a minimal example workspace required to reproduce the bug), game logs (full logs, do not crop them, in text format, not screenshots of logs) from the Console tab or terminal and steps to reproduce the bug in your workspace. If logs are long, use service such as Pastebin to host the log and provide the link to the log from the ticket. Please specify which mod elements to check in your workspace too, if applicable.

I have added the workspace now i think. Its the radiated cow, radiated human and flyingsquid / ghost

Please provide a minimal example workspace required to reproduce the bug with minimal elements to replicate it and use File -> Export to shareable ZIP to distribute it.

How do i do that? Just create a new workspace and create the things i had problems with?


Yes, only the minimal set to reproduce this. Sorry to bother you with this, but this way I can isolate the problem much easily

Another thing to check:

If they are creature, make sure you have imitate overworld and has sky light enabled in your dimension

This is because at the moment, only true grass block seems to work for spawning passive entities. I will fix this to support all grass material blocks.

I suggest disabling global light source in worlds with skylight in general too.

Another thing not really ok is that you are using mob type with creature spawning. Mobs will only spawn at night, creature spawn type only spawns at day.

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