GUI More Than One Item restriction

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I was attempting to make an item hold a specific type of items and I ran into a minor, but major issue. You can only add restrictions to have only type of item for a slot to one item. In some mods, this may not have been an issue, but I was making an item that would hold all different kinds of items. I tried to use in inventory tick procedures to fix this, but it would not delete items inside of the item (this should be a new feature, but I can guess someone already suggested this). I tried to use procedures for the GUI to get around this issue and just remove the items (if you want I can attach an image of the block code), but it would just cause the game to crash after opening the item's GUI. For now, I could just make it only store one item and/or have different items for different types, but that is not at all what I would like to make. Surely, there is some sort of way around this, but I'd like it if there would not have to be a way around this.


In a short way of saying it, I would like the "limit stack input" in GUIs to be able to restrict more than one item.

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