1.16.x Datapacks

Published by Trolmaso on Wed, 06/24/2020 - 14:54
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Issue description

I noticed that there is a 1.16.x Forge ticket and a 1.16.x Bedrock ticket, but there is no 1.16.x Datapack ticket. So here it is :D


Issue comments

There is no 1.16.x Forge ticket yet and shouldn't be as there is no Forge out yet for this version.

But I will keep this one open, postponed for 2020.5(6,7)?

I plan to release 1.16.x data pack maker alongside with 1.16.x Forge support, this is when 1.14.4 support will be dropped too.

Today Mojang released 1.16.1 (surprise update!), just letting you know, so you don’t start to code the wrong version ;)

why drop 1.14 support :(

1.15 has some bugs with dimension portals iirc

but they were fixed in 2020.4 

idk if they were actually fixed though

why drop 1.14 support :(

So we will go through the same drama again I see...

Also what will be dropped and if (1.14.x or 1.15.x) depends on what version Forge will use as LTS when FG 1.16.x comes to a usable state.

Yes, maybe the whole MCreator will be open-sourced by 2020.5, depending on my time and survey results.

idk if they were actually fixed though

You have all means to test this out and open a bug if it is not or even provide a patch to fix in code.

Also portals in 1.15.2 not work much better and support any entity teleportation.

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